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Property Manager Saves over $140,000 Annually Using Text Message Reminders

UAS Properites has developed into a large company that manages over 800 communities in the greater Chicago area.   With so many communities under management, the company handles over 150 calls per day on average just from potential renters.

Incoming and outgoing calls involve countless man hours and stress. The other incoming calls related to the property management company are related to vendors, fire inspections and possible inspections that arise with government agencies. As for outgoing phone calls, workers for the large property management company, must make phone calls to vendors, renters that are behind on their rent and new prospective renters looking to schedule walkthroughs at certain properties.

Since time is money, the introduction of a system that utilized a mobile text messaging system, was introduced to focus the work load of the property management companies employees. The mobile text messaging system handled issues such as notices of renters being late five days or more. When it came to this critical task, an advanced computer program pulled up all the information and phone numbers of renters who were five days late at the beginning of the month. Once the delinquent renters are identified, a text message reminder is sent out.

The text message reminder is effective because it directs the renter of the urgency to respond and gives them a number to call. This is also powerful because the number the renter calls directs them to pay by phone which further eliminates the need for an employee to take the payment. This replaces the renter from entering the office to make the payment and eliminates reminder phone calls, stamped and mailed notices.

One benefit to this new mobile text messaging system is the thousands of dollars saved from eliminating stamps, letters and envelopes. It can also be pitched as an environmentally sound (“green”) business decision. Another aspect used by the company is marketing to potential renters, sending them a text message whenever a unit they are interested in becomes available. The text messaging system has already saved over $100,000 a year and has potential for more success.


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